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Kent D. Irwin

Stanford University
Award Recipient
For continuing and significant contributions in the field of superconductor electronic applications, in particular,
  • for proposing and demonstrating the concept of voltage biased transition edge sensors (TES) which yielded  extremely stable operation for  these devices, 
  • for demonstrating and implementing  various multiplexing approaches for  TES sensors including   SQUID-based times division multiplexing (TDM), code division multiplexing  (CDM) and microwave frequency division multiplexing (μFDM) as the means  to realize arrays  with higher multiplexing factors and/or higher bandwidth, and, 
  • for overseeing and implementing the construction of many large TES sensor arrays that have been deployed in various applications, such soft x-ray analysis for material analysis, alpha particle  detection for  nuclear treaty verification and for to understanding details of the formation of the universe.