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Meet the Council

About the Council

The IEEE Council on Superconductivity, CSC, and its activities and programs shall be to cover the science and technology of superconductors and their applications, including materials and their applications for electronics, magnetics, and power systems, where the superconductor properties are central to the application.

The IEEE CSC publishes the IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (TAS), with six issues per year. To subscribe to the TAS, click here. If you are an IEEE member, go to the Add Services area of the Membership site to add a no-cost affiliation with the Council to your profile. You are also encouraged to join one of the Council’s supporting societies in the Society Membership section of the IEEE website. To explore the benefits of membership and join IEEE please click here.

Other Council Activities

Other activities of the IEEE CSC include conference and workshop sponsorships and organization (including ISEC and MT, when held in the U.S.), graduate study fellowships, preparation and distribution of digital archives, student travel support for conferences, development of standards in collaboration with other international organizations, IEEE AwardsBest Paper Awards, Entrepreneurial Awards, and the highly successful Superconductivity News Forum in collaboration with ESAS.

History of the Council

The IEEE Council on Superconductivity was initiated as an IEEE Technical Committee in 1990 by Professor Ted Van Duzer and focused, from its inception, on the development of the IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity (TAS), currently one of the premier archival publications for the applied superconductivity community. With the help of volunteers from the community, the Committee grew and in 2000, under the leadership of Professor Moises Levy, transitioned to become an IEEE Technical Council. Along with this transition to a more formal “Operating Unit,” as Societies and Councils are referred to within IEEE, greater involvement from many volunteers ensued and commitment of the ten Council Members was secured. From 2000 until today, the Council has progressively increased its reach to the community, involvement by volunteers, and range of service activities and outreach to other superconductivity groups. The publication of the TAS remains the most important activity of the Council, but increasing importance and benefits are ensuing from the Council Awards, student support activities, Conference sponsorships, Standards activities, and collaboration initiatives with other groups, workshops, and international forums. The Council welcomes inquiries for involvement by volunteers.

The Council is governed by an Administrative Committee (AdCom), with rules set by its Constitution and ByLaws. The AdCom meets once a year with most of its work carried out by Committees between meetings.  A subset of the Administrative Committee is the Executive Committee (ExCom) which meets at least twice a year.