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Diversity and Inclusion

The Council on Superconductivity and CWsWISE (Centennial Women Supporting Women in Science and Engineering) work in unison to organize events including workshops, discussion-lunches, and presentations. The goals of our efforts are to promote awareness of deleterious issues (e.g. implicit bias) and to challenge & foster our technical community to be socially responsible and conscious of their actions.
Our next event will take place at ASC18 in Seattle. Please join us for this outstanding program with invited speakers from Industry and National Labs. Sign up for the Diversity Event while registering for the ASC18 conference.


Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Location: Room 3AB
Fee: $25
Since 2002, the Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC) has held a range of events at each conference including networking lunches, talks and workshops. The aim of this conference year’s event is to explore hot topics on diversity that will enable further opportunities during the week for networking, activities, and engagement with mentors. Five invited panelists will discuss current topics of diversity and inclusion, with time for Q&A. Reservations are required for this special session, as seating is limited to 150 attendees. Refreshments will be provided.
Organizers include Dr. Cathy Foley, CSIRO; Dr. Kathleen Amm, GE Global; and Dr. Sasha Ishmael, Lupine Materials and Technology.
**Panelists include Dr. Cathy Foley, Science Director And Deputy Director Manufacturing, CISRO, Australia and Dr. Naveed M. Hussain, Director, Health & Life Sciences, The Boeing Company.**