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IEEE CSC Call for Awards Nominations



IEEE CSC Call for Awards Nominations

**Nominations for the IEEE CSC Awards in Applied Superconductivity are now being accepted. Submit your nomination by February 28, 2017.**

Award for Continuing and Significant Contributions,
Dr. James Wong Award,
Carl H. Rosner Award, and
Max Swerdlow Award

Dear Colleague,
Now is the time to submit a nomination for the IEEE Award for Continuing and Significant Contributions in the Field of Applied Superconductivity.  The award is given to recognize a career of meritorious achievements and outstanding technical contributions by a living individual in the field of applied superconductivity.
Researchers with 20 or more years of continuing and significant contributions in applied superconductivity are eligible for special awards in Electronics, Large Scale, or the Wong Award in Materials.
Descriptions of the awards are found on the web at
Nominations are also being sought for the Max Swerdlow Award, which recognizes sustained service to the applied superconductivity community through service,  leadership, and promotion of major programs, and the Carl H. Rosner Award, which recognizes the potential impact of superconductivity on the fields of electrical engineering, physics, medicine and energy by rewarding young entrepreneurs who have established a successful business or had the primary responsibility within a commercial organization to commercialize a device or service based on a property of superconductivity. The award will recognize young entrepreneurs while they are still growing their businesses to encourage others to follow their path.  
The deadline for nominations is 28 February 2017. 

Nomination forms can be downloaded at

Thank you and best regards,

John Przybysz
Tech. and Service Awards Chair
IEEE Council on Superconductivity