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Yukikazu Iwasa

M.I.T. Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory
Award Recipient
For significant and sustained contribution in the field of large scale applications of superconductivity, in particular,
  • for his pioneering work in developing techniques for making superconducting joints between  NbTi and Nb3Sn wires, and most  recently MgB2 wires;
  • for formulating the basic design principles to enable high-performance ("adiabatic") LTS magnets used for NMR and MRI to operate nearly quench free;
  • for applying HTS into NMR and MRI magnets.
  • for educating students and postdocs, and hosting many visiting international scholars to the MIT Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory and,
  • for authoring the  informative textbooks, "Case Studies in Superconducting Magnets," 1st Edition (1994) and 2nd Edition (2009).