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Venkat Selvamanickam

University of Houston
Fellow of the IEEE

for contributions to development and manufacturing of superconductor tapes

Award Recipient
For continuing and significant contributions in the field of superconductivity materials research, in particular,
  • for his leadership in the world’s first manufacturing and commercialization of second-generation (2G) HTS wires that culminated in the demonstration the world’s first 2G HTS device  in the electric power grid, 
  • for pioneering numerous technologies in second-generation HTS wires including high throughput thin film deposition processes to fabricate single-crystalline-like films over a kilometer on metal substrates and nanoscale defect engineering for record-high superconductor wire performance, and
  • for conceiving and demonstrating a novel melt-texturing technique that yields large single-domain REBaCuO superconductors with world-record critical current performance, which is being used to manufacture bulk superconductors with very large trapped  magnetic fields.