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John Purcell

Advanced CryoMagnetics, Inc.
Award Recipient

For significant and sustained contributions in the field of superconducting magnet technology, in particular:

  • for the design and his leadership in the construction of some of the largest superconducting magnets built, including the 12 foot bubble chamber magnet at Argonne National Laboratory, the 15 foot magnet at Fermi National Laboratory and the U-25 superconducting MHD magnet at the High Temperature Institute (Moscow)
  • for his service as the chairman of the magnet technology design team for the International Tokamak Reactor
  • for his leadership in establishing several commercial companies which developed numerous specialty magnets including one of the first magnets used in mobile MRI, and pulsed superconducting magnets used in the beneficiation of kaolin which can be used in the harsh, industrial environment of the clay mines