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Herbert C. Freyhardt

Georg-August Universitaet Goettingen; Zentrum fuer Funktionswerkstoffe Goettingen gGmBH
Award Recipient

For outstanding and sustained contributions in the field of superconducting materials and conductors; in particular:

  • for his early work on the role of dislocations and precipitates on flux pinning in low temperature superconducting materials
  • for the development of innovative powder metallurgical technologies
  • for the processing of A-15 superconductors
  • for pioneering the use of Ion- Beam-Assisted-Deposition (IBAD) techniques for the preparation of YBCO tapes and coated conductors and encouraging programs for the development of coated conductor employing yttrium-barium-copper-oxide (YBCO) technology, and
  • for playing an important role in organizing many very influential workshops on flux pinning and processing of low and high temperature superconductors and, subsequently, chairing the initial European Conference on Applied Superconductivity (EUCAS)