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Fernand D. ("Doc") Bedard

Department of Defense-National Security Agency
Award Recipient

For significant and continuing contributions in the field of superconducting electronics, in particular:

  • for his long term support of low temperature superconducting digital technology for high performance computing, beginning with the Cryotron in the early 1960s and the IBM Josephson Computer Technology project in the 1970s, and including the Hybrid Technology Multi Threaded (HTMT) petaflops computing program
  • for his promotion of the use of superconducting circuits for high performance switches and routers for communications and computing applications, specifically for conceiving the architecture, designing the circuitry and managing the program which has yielded a 128 by 128 self-routing cross-bar switch which can process 2.5 Gbit per second data streams per channel, which is the most complex functional LTS digital system built to date
  • for his continuing advocacy of systems-level demonstrations of Josephson digital solutions