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Edward W. "Ted" Collings

The Ohio State University
Award Recipient

For continuing and significant contributions in the field of superconductivity materials research, in particular,

  • for showing that proximity effect coupling between closely spaced fine filaments in multifilamentary NbTi/Cu composites could be suppressed by the addition of Mn to the Cu matrix,
  • for leading the development of NbTi and Nb3Sn Rutherford cables in which cores of selected materials and widths were introduced to control interstrand contact and coupling magnetization,
  • for leading a group that developed the world's first HTS Rutherford cable based on Bi:2212/Ag and that went on to produce long lengths of continuously melt processed Nb3Al strand and hence Nb3Al Rutherford cable, and,
  • for contributions to the understanding and development of practical MgB2 conductors.