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Edgar A. Edelsack

U. S. Office of Naval Research
Award Recipient

For sustained service to the applied superconductivity community that has had a lasting influence on the advancement of the technology, in particular:

  • as a Program Manager at the US Office of Naval Research, for supporting superconducting electronics research in the US for more than thirty years ending in the late 1980's
  • for encouraging, funding and sponsoring researchers who became the senior US researchers in the field
  • for sponsoring the transition of superconducting electronics from the laboratory into the field in areas such as SQUID magnetic sensors, high frequency devices and detectors and digital circuits
  • for his encouraging of and participation in the initial measurement of the human heart with a SQUID magnetometer which led directly to the establishment of biomagnetism as a research area and as a clinical discipline
  • for his role in encouraging the dissemination of information about superconducting technology through many study groups and workshops, two of which eventually became the Applied Superconductivity Conference and the International Cryocooler Conference