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ATAP’S Tengming Shen Honored by ICMC

Tengming Shen, a researcher in ATAP’s Superconducting Magnet Program, the Berkeley Center for Magnet Technology, and the U.S. Magnet Development Program has won the 2017 ICMC Cryogenic Materials Award for Excellence.

The award is given annually at the International Cryogenic Materials Conference to an individual, who is under 40 years of age by the application deadline, to recognize excellence in advancing the knowledge of cryogenic materials over recent years. Dr. Shen was cited for “outstanding research on superconductors especially Bi-2212: Processing, characterization, and advances towards practical applications.”

Shen, who came to ATAP from Fermilab in 2015, is working primarily on materials-science aspects of high-temperature superconductors such as Bi-2212 and Rare Earth Barium Copper Oxide (REBCO), which we and others are investigating for potential uses in next-generation accelerator magnets for high-energy physics as well as other applications.

Source: ATAP Newsletter August 2017