Nomination procedure for the IEEE CSC Awards

Nominations of candidates for the IEEE Council on Superconductivity Awards should be emailed directly to the Chair of the Award Committee by any member of the applied superconductivity community (defined as anyone who has attended at least five previous international conferences on applied superconductivity). Members of the Awards Committee may also nominate candidates for the Award.

The nomination documentation shall consist of a nomination letter, a detailed curriculum vitae (CV) and completed Nomination Form. The CV should contain detailed contact information for the candidate, the candidate’s educational and employment background, a list of honors, awards and other recognitions (both from IEEE and other organizations) that the candidate has received, and a list of his professional duties that document the role the candidate has played in advancing the science, technology, and commercialization of applied superconductivity. The Nominator must also complete an IEEE CSC Award Nomination Form by identifying three (or four) major contributions the candidate has made toward the advancement of applied superconductivity and describe the impact of these significant scientific, technological or management accomplishments have had on the field of applied superconductivity. The Nomination Form can be downloaded from the links below.  In each link, the contact information for the Chair of the CSC Awards Committee is also provided.

The Nomination Form and CV must be accompanied by at least three (but not more than six) endorsements from other members of the applied superconductivity (defined as anyone who has attended at least five previous international conferences on applied superconductivity). The endorsements can be made by sending a separate letter of support; citing the name of the candidate and the name of the Nominator (preferred by committee), or by co-signing the cover letter accompanying the Nomination Form.

The Chair of the Awards Committee must receive the nomination letter and the letters of endorsement no later than 11:59 PM  (UTC) on 15 March of the year in which an applied superconductivity conference is held (unless extension announced). Nominations are submitted to

For further details and Award Committee contact information, click on the award name below.

Nomination forms

Award title

Nomination form

The IEEE Award for Continuing and Significant Contributions in the Field of Applied Superconductivity


The IEEE Max Swerdlow Award for Sustained Service to the Applied Superconductivity Community


IEEE Dr. James Wong Award for Continuing and Significant Contributions to Applied Superconductor Materials Technology



Nomination procedure for the Carl H. Rosner Award

Nomination for this Award shall be made by submitting a (nominal) two-page letter to the Executive Secretary of the Selection Panel describing the educational background and professional career of the candidate and the accomplishments of the individual in his/her entrepreneurial role that may qualify the nominee for consideration for this Award.  The nomination letter should also include information about the company or business activity the nominee leads and it’s potential to commercialize superconductor product(s). The nomination letters shall be submitted no later than 5 PM (local time) on 15 March of the year in which the Award may be presented.

For further details and Selection Panel contact information, click here.

Nomination procedure for the Graduate Study Fellowship

The nomination procedure for the Graduate Study Fellowship is described on the Fellowship’s webpage.